Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to Robertson Amusements
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What is the Guest Services Booth for?
Guest services is our "go to" place for assistance.
It's our information booth. It's our lost and found location. It's where children and lost parents can be reunited.  If you need first aid, Guest
Services can direct you to the nearest first aid station. If you have a complaint about our Theme Park, we will try to make it right.

A member of our family has a disability. Can you assist?
Come to Guest Services. We will do all we can to insure you have a great time.

I had ride tickets left over after the fair. Are they any good now?
Unused Robertson Amusements ride tickets are good for Robertson Amusements rides - anywhere, any time.  We will honour tickets
purchased at Any of our fairs or festivals at All of our fairs and festivals. The next time you come to the Robertson Amusements Traveling
Theme Park, bring your unused tickets with you and stop at the Guest Relations booth. We will honor your old tickets there, and exchange
them for tickets of the day.

How do I know if my child can go on a ride?
All rides have height requirements. Look for the height guide sign posted on each ride.

I saw some rides close for a few minutes at our festival for no apparent reason. Why does this happen?
It may be necessary from time to time to close some of our rides due to safety. This is most likely to happen when there is a threat of severe
weather like thunderstorms, heavy rain or high winds.

Do I have to pay if I accompany my child on a ride?
Each person must pay the required amount of tickets to go on the rides. The one exception to this rule is that the adult standing beside a
young child on the merry-go-round rides free.

For important safety tips about amusement rides, check out  this Technical Standards and Safety Authority "Ride Smart" brochure.